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Troop 211: Activities Overview






"To be doing good deeds is man's most glorious task." Sophocles

The Troop has about ten weekend outings during the year and in addition schedules one-week sessions at Summer Camp and High Adventure Expedition. Our outings fall into several classifications. There are campouts where the main theme is to work on advancement -- particularly for the ranks leading up to First Class. Then there are the fun type outings that tend to repeat themselves each year to campsites that become familiar to the boys.

  • Monthly Campouts: A Troop's outdoor program is a main attraction for most boys. Troop 211 strives to provide a variety of outdoor camping experiences, approximately one per month, regardless of weather, which are often coordinated with the advancement and merit badge programs. At camp outs, every Scout learns to be responsible for himself, his own gear and the Troop's gear.

  • Summer Camp: Summer camp is usually in June. Troop 211 altemates between El Rancho Cima (San Marcos, Texas) and an out-of-state camp. These camps provide great opportunities for Scouts to advance, leam new skills, practice leadership, grow as Scouts and generally, have fun! Dates for camps are reserved well in advance. Mark the calendar early so that conflicts can be avoided. Scouts who attend Summer camps usually progress better than boys who do not and these camps provide all the fun and excitement that boys look for in their camping expenences.

  • High Adventure: Troop 211 generally provides a High Adventure activity per year. These activities consist of challenges such as mountain backpacking, canoeing or sailing. Requirements for participation will vary depending on the activity, but participation is usually limited to: Scouts who are 14 years and older and have completed 8th grade and who have reached the rank of First Class...