Leaders of Tomorrow

Scout Troop 211 INFO


Mr. Neukomm

ComMittee DIR:

Mr. Sisolak

SR. Patrol LDr:

Matthew A.

Frank and Lynn will coordinate Holiday in the Park in December Mike will coordinate Scout Sunday.  Additionally Mike will make a presentation of the religious awards available to the Scouts at a Troop meeting. Matt K will help coordinate our November Campout along with Frank.  Additionally Matt will teach knot tying skills at two November Troop meetings.
Steve will coordinate the Troop High Adventure activities. Frank will send out a note to the Troop noting the NYLT training opportunity in December. Sam H will coordinate the rock climbing activity planned for December.
Steve A will help coordinate the Jan and Feb campouts and work with Dale for the cycling portions of these two campouts, all working with Frank.  JoAnna will book the venues. Mike S will coordinate the March campout activities.  JoAnna will book the venue. Frank will coordinate the April campout.  JoAnna will book the venue.
Kurt will coordinate the May campout.   Robert will prepare the Merit Badge signup sheets for the first two Troop Meetings.